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Brochure Printing Service

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Maximum file size: 200 MB
Maximum file size: 200 MB

Product Description



*Note: All orders on a different paper stock other than the standard 100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coat, will add an additional 3-4 business days to the printing process.


Brochure Printing folding options available by size:



Folding options available for Brochure Printing 8.5x11

Half fold to 8.5x5.5, Half fold to 4.25x11, Tri Fold, Z Fold.



The Basics of Brochure Printing Service

Looking for cheap way to advertise your company? Brochures are very popular marketing paraphernalia recently. They are inexpensive, easy to create and can be produced in vast quantities. Their contents are very enlightening and detailed, making certain that the target market doesn’t get lost among your company’s many competitions in the business realm. Add to that the appeal and the presentation, and you got one of the most reliable promotional ideas to date. In this article, we would present to you the fundamentals of brochure printing service and how it could facilitate in the success of a company’s endeavors.

To make a competent brochure, we must always learn the basics on digital print editing. It all starts with knowing who your target markets are and what they want to see from your company. From there, you can visualize a concept and draft your design. By properly analyzing the factors that could affect the success of your marketing campaign, you can conceive the most suitable ideas for your advertising materials.

There are many styles of brochure that you can use in the business industry as of present. Among them are the “bi-fold” and the “tri-fold” styles. The former is a single sheet of paper folded in halves, while the latter is folded in thirds; they come in standard sizes of about 8 ½” by 11 inches or more. Though they are the most commonly utilized format among the selections on the market today, there are several other variations that are available in brochure printing service.

In addition to that, brochures can be classified into five different types according to content. These are; the Leave-behinds, the Point-of-Sale, the “Respond to Inquiries” type, the Direct Mail and the Sale Support Tool. Each of them has a very specific function in a particular marketing strategy. A good advertiser needs to know how to use each of the 5 types of contents in different occasions so you can make the best out of their roles in your advertising campaign.

In the printing process of each brochure, you can freely choose between your options; from the Four Colors process to Laser Printing technology. It’s for the clients to decide how much “class” they want to add to their creations. The brochure printing service prominence is due to how much it can be diversified. Marketing agents can put practically anything they want inside the brochure to strengthen its appeal to the public. They can insert maps, cover photos, calling cards, and so much more to increase its marketing efficiency.

Brochures have established themselves as a versatile means to boost a company’s profits. Not only did they manage to introduce such an informative way to advertise your company’s goods and service, they also give an affordable means to spread your promotions in other demographics. Further innovations in printing and digital designing technologies are making sure that the brochure’s marketing efficiency would be even more improved in the future. For now, it’s still one of the most widely used means for advertisement, and as of this day, there’s still no indication that it would be taken out from the circulation.


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