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Maximum file size: 200 MB
Maximum file size: 200 MB

Product Description



*Note: All orders on a different paper stock other than the standard 100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coat, will add an additional 3-4 business days to the printing process.


Brochure Printing folding options available by size:



Folding options available for Brochure Printing 8.5x11

Half fold to 8.5x5.5, Half fold to 4.25x11, Tri Fold, Z Fold.



What You Ought to Know About Discount Brochure Printing?

Discount Brochure Printing is among the frequently used business tools for marketing and promotions. Most businesses and organizations use brochures to promote their products and services. Over the recent years, these promotional tools evolved to meet the demands of the advertising industry. Their widespread use can be credited to several factors.

Basically, Discount Brochure Printing has an important role in conveying a message to a target market. A company or business can inform its intended audience about new product release and latest services. A company can use this exceptional tool to deliver crucial information to persuade potential clients. Once used effectively, a business could reap the rewards of increased sales especially if the brochure gets on the hands of an interested client.

Nevertheless, a business must find reliable printing services that can produce professional looking discounts on brochures; this is to achieve your promotional goals. Various providers of these services could provide materials of varying qualities, so it is essential to make some research before you sign up a printing contract. These materials could be regarded as simple yet effective tools used by businesses to promote a positive image. It is among cheapest ways to personally interact with potential clients.

Therefore, it is crucial that a business make certain that Discount Brochure Printing has superior quality. The colors must be visually engaging, and the message must be informative and promotional. They must also contain the informative content to educate clients about a new product or service. Remember, the way such contents are placed could have a significant impact on the public impression of a company. A person with no prior information about a company could frame an impression from the design of the material.

In order to achieve the best result from using discounted brochures, you must make certain that the products or services you choose will be featured in a catchy manner such as power words, attractive colors, easy-to-read styles and suitable font size. Even though the brochure must be simple, don’t forget to add a professional look. This is possible if the service provider uses premium quality printing services and experienced graphic designers. It is also best to search for printing company that offers high quality yet affordable services. You can ask to review their recent printing projects to assess their services. You must also insist to take a look on the project during the printing process.

Look for a discounted printing company who can provide you with suggestions with various details about your brochures. This will help you a lot especially if you don’t have any prior background in designing any kind of promotional materials. Ask about the paper stock suitable for your purpose or about the cost estimate of your printing order. You must also inquire about waste reduction so that you can get savings or discounts, or else you might spend money for unnecessary additions. Bear in mind that paper and ink costs is normally the largest part of the printer cost, so reducing cost for these two factors could lower your expenses.








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