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Digital Booklet Printing

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Product Description

    •  To upload files, please send to info@hotprintsusa.comor upload directly thru our website, Upload and Send design Files .

    • - Booklet 8.5" x 11" Templates

      Download here: Booklet-8.5inx11in-V-Front.zip



*Perfect Binding: We do not recommend crossover images and/or copy, as these elements may be lost in the gutter and may not line up after binding.

*File Format: Same as for Brochure Printing projects: We accept the following file formats: .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG & .PDF. (50MB upload limit per slot during checkout, or use https://www.yousendit.com to info@hotprintusa.com)

*Resolution: All file formats must have a minimum of 300 dpi (dot per inch) resolution at 100% of the final print size. Images designed for the web typically cannot be used for printing as they have a low screen resolution of 72 dpi. Print images need to be created at 300 dpi or there will be a substantial drop in the image quality.

*Color Mode: All color artwork and/or images must be provided in RGB (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color mode. All black & white artwork and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode.

*Bleed: For booklets, please build your print-ready digital files by adding 0.375" bleed to each dimension (or 0.1875" bleed on all four sides). For example, a 6" x 9" booklet with the full bleed should be 6.375" x 9.375". Please design your files on our templates to ensure proper bleed.


Booklet refers to a book, but smaller, also used as catalog, manuals or promo booklets. A booklet can be a small as 8 pages (2 sheets) and as offered by Hot Prints USA, a maximum of 96 pages (24 sheets). All Booklets printing project has the versatility no other product has, as the ability to add content as much as you need to, photos, text, art, etc. We also print full books by request, please call (866) 801-1551.

When deciding to print a multi-page advertising, you don’t always want to add all your products, most of our customers choose from their best selling and better profit products instead. This way our customer focused their targeted potential customer attention with best/less/targeted choices

The finishing for the booklet can be the Saddle Stitch or the Perfect Binding. Perfect Binding gives your booklet a better finish and can only be used on booklets of 48 pages or more. Different thickness of paper is also available for the inside and the cover of the booklet.

Each project is hand-checked by our design professionals before passing on to print.



(Multipage PDF or Multiple JPG upload Recommended)




Hot Print´s Online Booklet Printing

A booklet accompanies usually a product, stating its main features and it can serve as a sort of explanation about a certain product. It is very similar to flyer with the difference that it has more than one page. Booklets can be as well used for the presentation of information campaigns on a particular topic.

As any other promotional material, booklets as well should contain a piece of text and images to illustrate the theme. A piece of text in the brochure, obeys the same rules as any written work. This means that the wording should be concise and objective in relation to the theme. The illustrations should be appropriate not only to the subject but also to the available space.

Some people might get confused with how many pages a booklet should actually contain. The truth is that you can make your booklet as big as you want, but the minimum number of pages, so that you can really call it a booklet, is eight. In other words, there has to be at least four pages of cover + four pages of text.

Booklet prints are not the perfect solution for any type of business. Yes, we agree that booklets are created to provide important business information to a group of potential clients, but is a booklet, as a type of promotional material, the right solution for your business as well? Booklets hold more information than flyers, and that is the biggest difference between these two promotional materials. They are also an easily distributable format, and in most cases accepted by a wide audience. But, booklets work well only for businesses that want to provide detailed information about the product or service that they offer. You can as well use booklets as training manuals for example.

I guess that anyone who is planning to make a booklet as a type of a promotional material for a business would like to know the price of such a service. The truth is that booklet print is a few more expensive than other printing strategies, but it has its benefits of course. Here at Hot Print we offer cheap booklet printing and we have various features that will affect the final price of such service, but the most important thing that we need to know is how big you want your booklet to be. For example, as stated before, the minimum number of pages will have to be 8, and the maximum that we offer is a booklet of 96 pages. For example, one booklet of 8 pages will be printed on 2 sheets, while at the same time one booklet of 96 pages will be printed on 24 sheets.

When making a booklet, the best option is to make it in color. Of course, you can opt for a black and white variation, but it is the color booklet printing that will make the final product more appealing to the eye of your potential client. Full color booklets can definitely leave a positive impression on your customers. Remember, you have to represent your business in the best possible light, so sometimes saving a couple of $ just because of some details that might not seem so important to you, can ruin your business.

Other details that will affect the final price of booklets are the number of copies that you will need. Hot Print can print a minimum of 250 booklets and a maximum of 10.000. Paper stock as well plays a very important role in the overall impression that your clients will have when they are holding your booklet in their hands. For example, for a cover stock you can opt between a 100lb gloss book aqueous, 100lb gloss book aqueous and thick 14pt UV coat. From the other side, for the inside stock Hot Print offers a 100 lb gloss book aqueous paper and this is the only type currently offered.

When creating your booklet, you will be able to upload your choice of design directly to our web site. The following file formats are supported through our site - TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, JPG, PNG and PDF. You can create your booklet templates yourself using some of the available free booklet printing software that can be downloaded from the internet. So, instead of using booklet printing service of some of the booklet printing companies, you can have your booklet printed on your home printer. This can be profitable only if you are trying to make a sample to see how it will turn out in the end. It can be used to test the potential market, and to ask your friends or family what they think about the booklet you just created. If their reaction is positive, you can be sure that you will have a successful marketing campaign. But, to have your booklets printed on your home computer, you need to prepare them either in a word format or a pdf format. Booklet printing word solution is for the less experienced ones, as it is much easier to be used than the booklet printing pdf solution. However, Hot Print also offers free templates for booklet covers, and this way you can save a lot of effort and time, especially if you don’t have a lot or at all experience with such things.

It is also very important to be mentioned that there are different binding methods for booklets. There are actually two methods that this print store offers – perfect binding and saddle stitch binding. Perfect binding solutions are available for booklets of 48 pages and more. This type of binding implies that the pages of the booklet are glued into the cover. For this type of binding, using crossover images is not recommended as they will be lost in the gutter. Saddle stitch binding implies that the pages of the print item are stapled through the middle (spine) of the booklet.

Now that you know some of the basic details that our company offers concerning the online booklet printing, here are some tips on how to make your booklet better and more effective. How to make a booklet is a rather easy and fun job as long as you know what you are expecting from it in the end, and for which purposes you are actually creating it.

The first and the most important thing is to take care about the cover layout. The cover is a crucial thing when creating a book or a booklet as this is the first thing that your potential client will see and the first thing he/she will be judging about your business. Play with the images when creating the perfect design, and as often as possible, try to take into account the needs of the readers. One idea is that you create a couple of different cover designs, and test them out on your family and friends.

Make sure that you use good quality images in your booklet, moreover professional images if possible. If you can avoid images taken from the Internet it will be a huge plus. The truth is that professional images are able to attract and engage clients, much faster than images that don’t represent any quality.

Interesting content is a very important factor as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to include a lot of text, on the contrary. Short and concise messages are the best marketing solution, but you shouldn’t forget to make them very informative as well. The truth is that the most important information should be done in the shortest and clearest possible way.

Interesting positioning of the images is another important feature of one successful booklet. This means that you shouldn’t insert images without any order, or placing them in the center of the page. Try to balance them, which will give a few of variety to the message text that might sound boring. Next, there are different booklet sizes you can choose from, but the most used size is 8.5 x 11 inches. This size is an excellent solution when you suing your booklet as a part of a PR kit. From the other side, when you are trying to approach more general audience, smaller booklets can be the right choice. Small booklets usually come in sizes of 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Smaller booklets can be easily distributed and this is why this size is normally used for “mailbox” marketing strategies.

In the end of the digital booklet, never forget to include your contact details. Logo and contact details are a standard practice for most booklets. When a potential client sees the logo on the booklet, it will be much easier for him/her to figure out who it is from. Knowing your contact details, it will be much easier for your potential clients to contact you in case that they need more information of the services and products that your business provides.

In the end, your booklet has to be printed in the most impressive way. This is one of the reasons why catalog printing has to be done by a reliable booklet printing company. This is what we at Hot Print can do for you. All you have to do is chose the number of copies you need, size and the paper stock quality, and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work. The best of all, here at Hot Print, with every booklet printing services we offer free shipping!


Print Booklet / Catalogs to Attract Clients


When it comes to printing booklet / catalogs, people often have no idea where to get started as far as the initial design is concerned. The first tip is not to get overwhelmed with all the pages of information that needs to be included. You can start by demarcating the goals that the booklet or catalog will have and concentrate on your goals. The purpose of your booklet also affects its design.


Various kinds of booklets and catalogs are available such as sales catalogs, educational booklets, informational pieces and display catalogs, each with their unique function. You need to focus your design on how it should be used. After creating a successful look, you must not ignore the information that you provide there.


Types of Booklets


  • Instruction Manuals: These booklet / catalogs are also known as owners’ manuals and provide additional details about installing, specifications, warranties, safety, servicing etc.
  • Reference Guides: These booklets and catalogs are shorter versions of the instruction manuals, providing instructions and condensed information on important topics. This helps if the instruction booklet is all of 76 pages and you only need a quick guide on the important features.
  • Portfolios: Professional portfolios can benefit businesses to create an impression before their clients. Companies which create custom products such as faux designs, sculptures, built-in cabinetry etc. can use a portfolio booklet / catalogs to showcase their expertise and talent to potential clients. It not only inspires the customers’ confidence, but reflects their pride of ownership.


Types of Catalogs


  • Supply Catalogs: These booklets and catalogs are designed for acting within business-to-business relationships and this means that you are practically selling your products and services to another business. The supply catalog generally includes your item numbers, products and product specifications. Pricing is included with any pricing detail like contact information, shipping information and minimum orders. Supply catalogs can even have an order form template which a client can use to place their orders. With the help of pictures, clients can choose the right products, although the booklet / catalogs do not have to be too fancy and attractive.
  • Retail Catalogs: This is required when the products or services of a business directly provides their benefits to the public. Catalog design is important for captivating the client whom you want to look at your goods and purchase them. This is a catalog which should have the ‘wow’ element in it. This is where you must use great quality pictures with a professional catalog layout. Attend to the hotspots of the catalog and this can greatly help in selling your products.
  • Digital Catalogs: These booklet / catalogs make the maximum use of technology and makes audiences aware of the possibilities of going digital. Nowadays, it is easy to create a virtual catalog of your products and services with the right tools which help in fast and easy viewing. You can email your virtual catalog and create a purchasing option online. All that your clients can do is order at their convenience, any time, any day.






Hot Print´s Online Booklet Printing FAQ´s

How can booklets help my presentation? When making a verbal presentation of your business, you can use a booklet as a guide. After your presentation is done, you can use the booklets to audiences that were present as something to refer back to. There are different types of booklets and some of them can have only a couple of pages, while some booklets can look like real books and have more than 100 pages. When creating a booklet, make sure that it is made as a pdf file as this is the easiest way to send it to a printer. Before you send your booklet to print, make sure that everything looks good.

What is the difference between a brochure and booklet printing? The two marketing materials fall into the same area. Usually, brochures are short and straight to the point with information provided. Booklets are sometimes much longer and can consist of even 100 pages. Both booklets and brochures are made on same quality of paper - glossy paper stock.

What a professional booklet printing company should offer to me as a client? First of all, it is important to say that booklet printing is for many companies one of the most effective means of marketing. This is especially the truth for large companies that have a big amount of products available, and want to make them more close to their potential clients. A professional booklet printing company should be able to print a copy of as many pages as you want. But, before you determine the size and the number of booklets needed, determine first your budget. A professional booklet company should have a variety of binding options as well.

What are the booklet formats I can consider creating? There are many booklet formats you can make; all depends on your promotional strategy and type of business. For example, you can use an imagery format when backing your products and services up with a booklet. Or, you might rather opt for a “grab the eye” format which includes full colors, vibrant colors, modern design and professional images.

What is the history of booklets/catalogs? These have been used since long time ago; actually the first catalog was made back in 1872. The first booklet was short and made on a single 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper. Ten years after that, the first company that started using booklets/catalogs were Sears. Today, booklets are one of the best marketing tools as they have the ability to show a lot of your products and services at once and in most of the cases this leads to profit.

What are booklet printing services? You can create many different types of booklets, however the most important thing is that they stand out from the crowd of other promotional materials that competition makes. Thanks to professional booklet printing services, you are today able to create full color catalogs and opt between a full page (8.5x11 inches), half page (5.5x8.5 inches) or a custom size booklet. Booklet printing services also offer different types of paper and options whether you want your booklet to be saddle-stitched or perfect binded.

What is the best way to print a booklet? If you are in a need of a couple of booklets, you can print them without any problems on your home printer. Hot Print doesn’t accept orders lower than 250 items when it comes to booklets. When creating the design of a booklet, one tip it to work with a professional designer if possible. If not, Hot Print offers a variety of free downloadable templates. If you care about a professionally done job, booklet print companies can be the right solution for your marketing needs. Make sure that you know what you want to achieve with your booklet, what kind of products you want to promote, is it only one or maybe the entire line of merchandise? Creating an attractive and professionally looking booklet is the first step towards attracting new audiences to your company.

What are the standard turnaround times when ordering print work at Hot Print? Standard times are 4 to 6 business days. If in a need of an urgent job, you can contact us for more details.

Which standard bind styles do you have? For our booklets, we offer two different binding styles for our customers to choose from – perfect binding and saddle stitch.

Which file formats do you support for uploading a sketch booklet? The files that we support are .TIF, .TIFF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .PNG and .PDF

In which resolution has to be the files that are sent to you for printing? The minimum resolution of a file that will be printed has to be 350 dpi. This doesn’t include the images designed for web as they have a very low resolution – 72 dpi.

Can you make full color booklets? Yes, we can print your booklets in full color or black & white. For example, color artwork will have to be delivered in RGB color mode, and all black and white artwork in grayscale color mode.

I don’t have experience in designing my own booklet, you offer templates? Yes, we have free templates that can be downloaded and used as a background.

And what about the bleed? The bleed has to be created on your already pint ready files. You will have to add 0.1875 inches of bleed on all sizes which in end turns out o be 0.375 inches. For example, a booklet of a size 8 x 11 inches will have to be 8.375 x 11.375 inches.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of booklets that can be ordered? The minimum number is 25 booklets. The maximum number is 10.000

Which are the available booklet sizes? There are two different sizes of booklets that you can choose from – 8.5 x 11 inches and 5.5 x 8.5 inches.

How many pages my booklet needs to contain? The minimum number of pages for one booklet is 8 (2 sheets). The maximum number of pages per booklet that we offer is 96 (24 pages).

What about the paper stock on which the booklets can be printed? We have three different types of cover stock that are 100lb gloss book (Aqueous), 100lb gloss book (Aqueous) and thick 14pt UV coat and one types of inside stock which is 100lb gloss book (Aqueous).

What is the cost of shipping? When you order booklet prints here at Hot Print, we offer free shipping, no matter of the quantity of booklets that you order.

What are the payment options? You can pay with a credit card or by PayPal. From credit cards we accept Master Card, Visa, Discovery and Amex.

Do you have a refund or a return policy? For mistakes that were not our fault, but the result of clients misleading, misspelling and similar, we don’t make any refunds. The job can be reprinted, but it will be fully charged.







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