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Business Cards

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Maximum file size: 200 MB
Maximum file size: 200 MB

Product Description

- Business Cards 3.5" x 2" Templates

Download here: Businesscard-3.5inx2in-H-Front.zip

Download here: Businesscard-3.5inx2in-H-Round-Front.zip


Business Cards Printing

For business or personal presentation, business cards are the most popular marketing product of all time. Want to share your Facebook address with a friend? Want to promote a product? Want to create a coupon on the back of your business card? Many options and ideas can be applied to this particular powerful marketing tool. Business Cards are Preferred my most just by the simple fact of its wallet size, anything bigger will not fit on a potential customer wallet for easy carry on.

People choose their business cards design on many different ways, don’t be surprised to be handed a plain card with just a phone number and some initials on it, your imagination is the limit!

Business card size is always 3.5”x2” are offered on UV and Matte thick paper, square or round corners, spot UV (Handy for enhancing logos and special part of your business card design) and special custom shapes by request. Your imagination is the limit.


...Complete Business Cards

Coming up with a creative business card is a cinch with online business cards printing.  But no matter how imaginative your card is, the design alone doesn’t make it effective. To make it work, it should contain the necessary parts. Before going to your neighborhood business cards printing shop or an online one, check for these essentials:

Having the name of a specific individual to contact within a large organization gives a personalized touch. Although some types of cards focus on the organization, most cards would have the name of the individual and the organization as the most important information.

Name of the Business Organization

Almost any business card would contain the name of the organization. Either the name of the individual or that of the organization is the most important information contained on a card. Some organizations that have developed a familiar logo may choose not to accentuate the organization’s name through placement or text size but it remains as a vital piece of information on the card.

Email Address

Electronic mail has become the preferred mode of contact in the digital age so the inclusion of an email address is essential. An organization may do away with this information, only if, email is not the preferred means of communication.

Physical Address

A physical address gives a company an image of stability and trustworthiness. It may not be necessary for some companies to include a physical address especially if communications are done exclusively by other means such as email or website; however, a physical address and/or a mailing address still remain as typical information piece.

Phone numbers

By order of importance, phone numbers are often listed as voice, followed by fax, and then mobile. Modes of contact that are not preferred by the organization may be omitted. Depending on the scope of the business, country and area code should be included. Extension numbers should also be provided.

Web address

Some businesses are exclusively web-based thus, the web address becomes essential. To simplify, http:// placed before the URL is often omitted.

Job Title

This part isn’t really essential for smaller businesses but it helps identify related tasks and scope of responsibilities within a bigger organizations. Entrepreneurs or sole proprietors sometimes use the title CEO to project an image of belonging to a larger organizational structure.


The tagline provides a description of what the business is all about when the organization’s name doesn’t directly convey its nature. Aside from giving a glimpse of what it is, taglines may also express features and benefits.


As mentioned earlier, well recognized companies may opt to use the logo for identification instead of using the name of the organization.  A logo can help establish branding through consistent usage in your company print media, as well as in the digital media. Some online business cards printing companies allow uploading of logos.


Smaller companies employ graphics in place of logos. Online business cards companies could help provide images to help establish the nature of the company or the services it provides. These graphics may be purely decorative in nature or serve to divide blocks of information. 

List of Products or Services

It might be entirely impossible to include all of the company’s products and services. To avoid cluttering, place only the main product line. The business cards company can come up with a folded or double-sided design which would help organize the information.


Market Your Skills with the Right Business Cards

There are various ways through which you can make a business presentation and business cards play a major role in generating revenue or leads. They form an integral part of any business and act as marketing tools to create opportunities and maintaining client relationships. Business complimentary cards say a lot about your enterprise, and hence when it comes to printing them, you must not leave the specialized cards to chance or assign them to someone who is an amateur. If you think that you can create an economical business card, it might end up blowing on your face. A bad printer mars your chances of acquiring more business.

Things to Remember while Creating Business Cards

Be Professional: Do not underestimate the value of a professional printer. It might cost you a little more than an average printer, but then it will help in saving a lot of stress in the long run. Printing is a delicate job and it requires a professional with a mind for detail to create a business card about which you will not have any complaints.

Use of Templates: Rather than depending on descriptions, make it clear to the creators about what you are looking for in the business cards. A lot of free templates are available online. You can use them to convey your idea to the printer of your choice. This might help in limiting your specifications. However, this helps in matching your printer with your requirements. The printer can either replicate the template that you prefer or they may draw an inspiration from your preferences and go with something closer to that.

Business Card Presentation Tips

  • Use a Cardholder: Keep the cards in a cardholder which is neat and can be easily opened. The cards should look as crisp as they did on the first day they were delivered when they are handed over. If the card is tucked in unprotected, they might have dog-ears and look less impressive. However, the cardholder should be easily opened as you will not want to fumble before a client.
  • Keep the Front Side Up: The business cards should be presented to the person with the text facing them. This helps them take in the printed message at first glance, without turning them over, or even ignoring them. Contacts who put away the cards without reading them are less likely to connect with your card once the conversation is over. Hence, they are even less likely to follow up.
  • Read their Cards: Once you receive the business card from others, make sure that you go through their cards. If there is a cardholder with two pockets, use one side for holding the cards which others give to you. Treat the card with a lot of care instead of shoving it randomly within a pocket. This indicates that you value the contact and are planning to follow it up.
  • Do Not Write on the Cards: This is considered disrespectful in some cultures. If you meet people from different cultures, make sure that you are familiar with the etiquette which is applicable.



Hot Print´s business cards printing

Business cards are a part of the overall image of one professional. They are able to identify the collaborator and associate it with a company. The main purpose of business cards is to identify people with whom we interact, therefore anyone should avoid handing business cards that are outdated, scratched, bent etc.

Create a business card is simpler than you think, and questions about what is a business card, which is the correct card size and other issues of content and design of your business card will be answered through this article. If you plan to make a business card, here are some useful tips you should stick to.

If you do not have or do not use business cards, maybe it's time to rethink this attitude. Many presses and printers make business cards very fast and very cheaply. They are very useful in the first approach when someone wants your contact and you can deliver the card with all the information - and realize the effect that this causes on the receiver.

Globalization, the increasingly open relationships between businesses and consumers make the business cards increasingly useful and necessary to make in order to create effective personal contacts that you can make with potential customers, suppliers and potential partners.

Your business card can be a vital tool that will communicate your credibility, contact information, and (ideally) evoke the memory of the contact a potential client had with you, at a time when he/she needs something you have offered .

For this reason, carrying business cards of good quality is essential - you never know when you will meet a potential customer, supplier or partner. Take them in a pocket, wallet or bag and preferably give them at the beginning of the conversation. Also it is worth having a pile of business cards in the car, another pile at home and of course in the office.

Creating some of the best business cards is not that simple. Graphic of one business card is very important. This is the first thing that a potential client will be able to see, and judge about your company. Because of this, if you can, consult a professional. A professional business card designer knows and understands of details that people cannot even imagine.

Use standardized formats for your business cards. Did you know that there is an ISO standard for the dimensions of ID cards? It is ISO 7810, and it defines three basic formats. Every folder, binder and business card scanner takes into account these formats.

Next, include all relevant background information. Your card should include your full name, or the way in which you are known on the market in which you operate. Include the name of your organization, your office, physical address, telephone, corporate fax (if applicable), e-mail and URL and of course a logo. A simple and phrase or slogan describing your business activity and mobile number are welcome as well. When you make business cards, take care that you print all the important information on the same face of the card.

Being creative is a very good thing, but don’t overdo it. If you have interest and budget for it, you can be quite creative without leaving the common format. Use a background color, print in hard plastic or rubber material, place a diagram, include a message in Braille, make round corners, print mini- CDs ... The possibilities are endless, as you can see.

It is very important that you know how many business cards you will need. For example, you should know when to print small quantities of special cards. Planning to speak at a major event? How about printing a limited number of cards for the occasion, using the same visual theme of your slides, and putting on the back the main topic of your presentation? Nobody you know there's going to forget about you.

When making a business card, double check if everything is spelled right. Check every number, every comma, and every accent. And if any information changes, print new cards immediately – never use a pen to fix new information, it looks totally unprofessional.

Remember, less is more. Never use several different fonts, intricate images, all colors of the rainbow or include a calendar on the back of the card. Simplicity is the key, and ideally there should be room left for anyone to take notes on your card on the conversation he had with you. Emphasize to your name. The only element of the card that can be more visible than the company´s name is the company logo. Take good care of your cards. Take them in a hard case.

Here at Hot Print, you can order business cards based on your personal taste. You can design business cards yourself, but if you don’t have enough experience in design, we will be more than happy to offer you several different business card designs free templates, among which for sure you will something that you will like. This means that you will be able to create business card online free, as you will not need a help of a professional designer.

We are working with 3.5 x 2 inch business cards, so this is at the moment the only size that we offer. This is at the same time the basic size of one business card. You can opt between full color business cards and black and white business card. When we are talking about the design, it is important to note that color business cards are accepted much better by people than black and white cards. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of our client’s still opt for black and white combinations, but this is mostly if you want to leave a certain professional and serous look on your company.

Here at Hot Print, the minimum order is 100 business cards and the maximum number of business cards that you can order is 100.000. Starting from 15.000 pieces already we offer better deals where you can save huge on shipping.

When it comes to the shape or style of your business card, we offer choices of square corner business cards and round corner business cards. There are as well two different paper stock qualities on which you can have your business cards printed – 14pt gloss coated cover UV and 14pt premium uncoated cover.

If you have a pre-design of your business cards, you can upload it on our web site. However, the maximum file size that we allow is 200MB. For further details and question concerning this issue, you can send us an email, or talk to us through our live chat. If you prefer, you can as well have a design proof sent to your email, without any cost, and after the design has been approved from you, we will have your business cards sent to print. The average turnaround time for business cards printing is 4 to 6 business days, but if you are in a need of rush work, we offer next day printing as well, or for express deliveries, a 2 to 3 turnaround business days.

Here at Hot Print you can get business cards for a very fair price. However, the final price of business cards with shipping is actually a question of how many details you can provide before the order. For example, the price of the entire print process will depend on the number of the cards, quality of the paper, colors, design options (which are charged separately) and other similar details. So, during your checkout, you will be able to see the final cost of your order.

Here at Hot Print you can print business cards for some of the best prices on the market. Business cards shipping and handling depends on the print store where you will place your order. The prices are different everywhere and creating custom business cards is not that cheap in some cases. Of course, everything depends on what you want and what you are expecting from the final product. But remember, designs for business cards are many, and you must choose the one that will represent your business in the best possible way.

Business cards online, especially the ones ordered at Hot Print are guaranteed to be done with high quality and with the help of some of the most modern print machines. The satisfaction of our clients is on the first place for us. A business card design should be bold but at the same time imaginative, creative and effective enough to represent your business in the best possible light, and this is what we can do for you here.

We also offer business cards for free as many other print stores which practice the same marketing strategy as we do. Most of them offer 250 business cards for free, but what we offer is 500 free business cards. These are actually sample business cards that we offer to out potential clients that will hopefully continue to use our online services on the future. Business card samples are done in the same quality as the ones for which you need to pay. This means that you can design business cards online free using some of our free business card designer templates. To make business cards for free and to make business cards online is today very simple, thanks to Hot Print that made this possible to its future customers.

The main difference between premium business cards and free business cards is the fact that premium business cards don’t come with a logo of the print company on the back side.

It is possible that you create your business cards yourself, using some of the downloadable free business cards software. You can therefore create printable business cards that can be printed even o your home printer in case that you just want to check out how they will look in real. Sometimes this is a necessary step because colors on the computer are not the same as the colors that you get once you print them on a printer. Sometimes they are much vibrant or sometimes they can be darker than you expected.

Free business cards software also offers a variety of printable business card templates. A template for business cards should match with the nature of the business you are trying to represent. For example, if you run a pet store, it is more likely that you will use images of animals of a background of the card rather than using flowers, or something similar that doesn’t have anything to do with the company you are running. A good business card creator should be able to help you with such details, as they come with detailed instructions and tips on how to create a perfect business card for your needs.

As you can see, to create business cards that are successful and efficient is not that hard if you invest a few of your time and effort in designing a perfect outlook of your ultimate promotional material.


Hot Print´s business cards printing FAQ´s

What are Hot Print business cards? Our cards are high quality double sided business cards which are printed on a good quality thick paper stock. They are an excellent choice for showing off your range of products or services.

How big are your business cards? We use standard business card size which is 3.5 x 2 inches.

Are Hot Print business cards double sided? Yes, we offer three possibilities:

-full color front with full color back

-full color front with grayscale back

-full color front with blank back part

How much your business cards cost? The cost of business cards depends on several factors – quantity ordered, bank and front color choice, shape, style, turnaround time, and paper stock quality. Once you decide on all of the mentioned factors, we will be able to tell you more about the final price of your business cards.

Do Hot Print business cards have their logo on the business card? No, we understand that you want to promote your business, not ours, and we respect that. Our logo will be visible only on the free sample that we offer.

How can I order business cards on your web site? Ordering through our web site is very simple and very easy. First of all, you need to upload your design for the business card or create it online using some of our free templates. Once the file is uploaded, you have to choose from the following options – quantity, color, paper stock, turnaround time, and style.

What is your print turnaround time? We have three options – a normal 4 to 6 days turnaround time, express 2 to 3 days turnaround time and rush, next day printing turnaround time.

What kind of paper stock is used for printing the business cards? We offer two different qualities of paper stock – 14 pt premium uncoated cover and 14pt gloss coated cover UV C2S.

Can I receive design proof prior to printing? Yes, you can receive a free design proof on your email. Once the design is approved, the print process will begin.

Can I order a small amount of business cards for the start? The minimum number of business cards that you can order is 100. However, we strongly recommend that you order at least 250 business cards especially in case you are doing something complex. The truth is that ordering more business cards will cost you less as we offer very good discounts for larger orders.

What is the maximum number of business cards that I can order? The maximum number of business cards that can be ordered at Hot Print is 100.000

How many business cards should I order? We recommend that you order business cards for the next 12 months at least. The volume will depend on the size of your business and fact of how many potential clients and customers you are planning to target within the next year.

I saw a business card template on your web site. Can I use it to make a business card for me? Of course that yes, we have a variety of free business card templates that were created specifically for our clients that don’t have the possibilities or time to hire a professional designer.

Can I design my own business card? Yes you can. It is an excellent idea to personalize it. You can either hire a professional designer that will help you through that process, or you can use the help of some of the free business card software that can be downloaded from the internet.

How can I know if I should print on the back of the card as well? This depends on your own taste and business needs, but you should know that your business card should be made based on the impression you want to leave on your clients. With two sides, you can provide more information about the products and services that you offer, add an image or two or similar. An effective look can be achieved using only one side, but recent trends lean towards using both sides of the business card.

Are full color business cards more effective than black and white cards? Yes! Colorful business cards can give more attention to your business and can make your business card stand out from the bunch of competitor's business cards.

Who can order Hot Print´s business cards? Anyone in need of business cards can place an order here at Hot Print. We don’t care if you are an individual, student, lawyer, businessman etc, as we understand that business cards are a necessity of today´s modern society. We will provide same quality business cards both for individuals as well as for professionals that place orders on our web site.

What is the cheapest cost of making the minimum number of business cards? For example, to order 100 pieces of 3.5 x 2 inch business cards with full color front and blank back, with a square standard style on a 14pt gloss coated cover UV, with a turnaround of 4 to 6 business days, you will have to pay $13.73 not including the shipping costs. This means that for one business card you will pay 0.137 cents.

What is the most expensive cost of making bulk business cards? For 100.000 business cards of a size 3.5 x 2 inches, with a rounded corners style, with a full color print both on the front and on the back of the card, on a 14pt premium uncoated cover, including a rush next day printing turnaround, you will pay $2.476,64. This means that per one business card you will pay 0.0247 cents.

What kind of payment do you accept? We accept credit cards and PayPal transfers. From credit cards we accept Visa, Master Card, Discovery and Amex.

Can I change my order after I submitted it? As long as your order didn’t go to a print process, you can change it. For more information please contact us.

What will happen if there was an error on my business card order? If the mistake is due to a printer error, we will reprint your business cards free of charge. From the other side, if the mistake was due to our clients misspelling, misleading or similar, we will reprint new business cards and fully charge you.






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