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Envelope Printing

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Maximum file size: 200 MB
Maximum file size: 200 MB

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- Envelopes 4.125" x 9.5" Template 

Download here: Envelope-4.125inx9.5.zip


Envelopes Printing

The envelope is a very well known packing item, used in a daily basis by most people and businesses. Envelopes, ever though are made of paper, they are very consistent packing solution that allows to ship thin objects or in most cases, letters and papers.

Hot Prints USA manufactures the envelopes from scratch, giving the choice of a variety of designs, sizes and forms (Security Envelopes available upon request). All envelopes comes with the transparent seal that secures the envelope after applying a light amount of water with an appropriate small sponge, custom envelope seals are available as well.

Need 100 envelopes for an event? Or your business needs 1,000 envelopes a day? We can suite all your needs when it comes to envelopes, Hot Prints USA is one of the only companies in USA, offering double sided envelopes and special event envelopes for wedding, birthday and others (by request).


Envelopes And Its Various Types For You

A flat and thin item that is used for packaging purpose of letters and other small materials, envelop is very much in use since ages. Designed to hold items that are flattened and small in size, most often this packaging item is used to deliver cards, paper or letter.

Though traditionally envelopes were made of paper, nowadays it is available in various customized and stylish formats to suit your requirement and need successfully. Unlike earlier days when envelopes were largely in use to send and receive letters from loved and dear ones, it is observed that with advancement this trend has become quite outdated and non-fashionable. However in the business front, the practice and importance of envelopes are yet to be effected as it is largely used by organizations and companies to promote their brand. There are various benefits of using business envelopes which must be considered by a trading firm in order to enjoy positive results as stated below:

Customized envelope adds to the company presence: Your business envelope can be the representative of your organization in far of areas. As you forward any letter or official document through customized casing that has your brand name imprinted, it acts as a campaign item that helps you reach out to global people easily and effectively.

Budget friendly and cost effective: You may be using various costly means of advertising to promote your business to the world. However with help of these official envelopes, you can enjoy the benefits of promotion and campaigning without having to spend a fortune. Bank on this traditional way of communication to get your official brand recognized and reputed with ease and efficiency.

Creative and attractive: In business promotion, it is important that you capture the attention of potential clients within few seconds so that he feels encouraged to know more. With help of a creative and attractive office envelope, you can easily make a positive mark among your customers, thus ensuring to build a better client base.

Types of Envelope Flaps Available

There are various types of envelopes available in the market that is designed in different shapes and sizes to satisfy your needs. Some of the prominent options that are widely in use include the following:

Euro style flap: This is the most common variation that is found in official envelopes. Designed with triangular flap system, you can avail this packaging solution in both big and small sizes.

Square flap: To add innovation and uniqueness to your business envelope, square flap can be a good choice to consider. It’s one of the most popular styles that are used in modern age for both official as well as personal purposes.

Pointed flap: This is the standard premium envelope style that is used in wedding and trading cards. Having the blend of two colors, this envelope can be used for business purpose also.

There are lots of shops and stores where you will get to find the best of business letters and envelopes to help your trade get promoted higher and better.



Hot Print´s online envelope printing

envelopes are used for packing of a letter / document and you should use them when you want your documents or letters to be mailed or delivered to their intended recipients. Envelopes are required for all businesses in their everyday correspondence when sending out to their clients different offers, letters, invoices, notifications and similar. envelope printing is not a very complicated process if done by a reliable print store.

envelopes are produced in series and in pre-defined sizes. Here at Hot Print you can choose among two different sizes of envelopes for your needs which are 4.125 x 9.5 inches and 3.875 x 8.875 inches.

After the basic facts about envelopes, you will be able to learn here some facts that are very important before placing an order for envelope print. If you just opened a business or you are maybe ordering envelopes for your boss, this article will help in the process of learning more about them and getting in the end a perfect product that will be able to represent your company in the best possible way.

Before placing an order for envelope printing, you should know that envelopes come in a variety of sizes, types and stock qualities. So what would be the standard sizes of envelopes? This is not a very easy question to answer to as it depends on what kind of stationery your company is using for correspondence. For example, in an envelope of a size 9 x 4.5 inches, can perfectly fit a stationery of a size 8.5 x 11 when it’s folded. There are much smaller envelopes, called check envelopes which are big enough to send money.

There are as well so called remittance envelopes which are in the most of the cases used by churches and charities and different organizations. Remittance envelope printing offers three different sizes of envelopes which are normally mailed inside a larger envelope where any contributor can send back a reply. Banks are using other specific envelopes that are called bangtails, teller helpers or drive ups. They are used for sending money.

There are as well very small envelopes that are mostly used by florists to accompany bouquet arrangements, or they are also very often attached to birthday presents. There are as well big envelopes with sizes of even 10 x 13 inches, and can be used for sending big documents such as brochures, catalogs or similar.

And in the end, there are custom envelopes with which most of the print stores work with. Custom envelope printing is also one of the most required types of envelopes by many clients. Maybe you created an envelope design and want to print it? That is possible at many print stores including Hot Print. Custom envelopes are a great solution for people that have a unique taste and a lot of imagination to create promotional materials that will represent their business in the best possible light. Also, envelopes with matching letterheads work perfectly when corresponding with business partners and clients. Letterhead envelope printing is an excellent way of making unique promotional material. Letterhead and envelope printing is recommended to be done at the same time at the same place.

After you decided on the type of the envelope you will need, it is the right time for you to think about the envelope flap orientation. The truth is that most of the mentioned envelope styles come with a standard long end open. Large envelopes from the other hand can be opened on the short or on the long dimension.

Here is a little bit more explanation about different flap orientation options. For example, booklet envelopes have the flap on the long dimension and they open side. Catalog envelopes flap on short dimension and are called Open End envelopes. Never mix up these two flap orientations as in the end, it might result in reordering your envelop print order, and this is definitely not a very lucrative business in the end.

Paper stock is a very important issue as well. Here are four different paper stock qualities from which you can choose the best one for your envelop print. Most of the envelopes come in the wove paper stock. This paper is available in many colors and it’s very cheap. It can be available in different weights as well, but they are not very durable though.

Another stock paper is called rag paper or rag mix. This is a very nice cotton lookalike paper, and it is mostly used for special events, wedding invitations and similar. As this paper stock is rather expensive, you can as well opt for a rag and wove mix to cut the costs.

If you are in need of water resistant envelopes you should definitely opt for tyvek envelopes. Tywek is a recyclable material, and looks like plastic. 
In case that you want to save more money, you can as well opt for kraft paper which is available in different colors and different weights.
When creating the design and style of your envelope, you need to make sure that they will be able to close properly after they are printed. This means that the document that you will place into them has to fit in the proper way so that the envelope can be sealed.

There are different option when choosing a proper seal for your envelop. For example, you can opt for a standard gum seal that has to be moistened to stick closed. For sure you already used a lot of times such kinds of envelopes. There are as well very simple peel and seal envelopes that can save your tongue. You can as well opt for reusable closures that are a great choice for interoffice envelopes.

After you chose the proper style and size of your envelopes, the next important thing is how to put a design on them. After you gave your envelope design to some print store, they will put it to pre-press to check whether some changes have to be made with the design. For example, they will check the colors, the size, etc. If you require some changes on your design art, it is in the pre-press where the changes can still be made. After the envelope is sent to be printed, it is impossible to make further changes.
Another thing that you need to check out is to make sure that the design on the envelope fits the USPS regulations. Here are some of their most important requirements – the OCR read area, the return address area, FIMs and post nets (barcodes) and Indicia’s. You need to make sure that all of the four mentioned factors follow the guidelines and requirements set by USPS and more information about all of the details can be found on their web site.

When printing an envelope, one of the most common things that will be printed on it is the return address. Here are some of the things you should be aware of when making a design of your envelope. When placing the return address on the envelope, check out the edge of the envelope. Bleeds are very important as well. Everything that should appear on the design of the envelope has to go inside of the edge of the envelope, and everything that is off the edge is called bleed. In the end, check out that the address is legible.

Designs for remittance envelopes are one of the most complicated to do because they have to be printed on all of the sides of the envelope. Don’t be afraid to use colors in your designs, and even opt for colorful envelopes rather than to use simple white ones. Full color envelope printing is one of the best ways to call attention to your promotional material. Of course this will all depend on the nature of the business you are running. Try to design an image that will be printed on the envelope with a color on mind. You can even ask help from a professional designer, but don’t forget that if you are not every experienced in designing, you can always check out Hot Print´s free envelope printing templates. Hot Print´s envelop printing templates have been designed by professional designers.

envelopes are very important for any kind of business as they represent a big part of sending letters, checks, invitations, notifications, invoices and similar. The three most important things about envelopes are their size, their design and color and their protection.

Design of one envelope can be made with the help of envelope printing software. These programs can be downloaded from the internet for free and installed on your computer. You need to make sure that the size of the envelope chosen will be able to accommodate your promotional material and any other content in the best possible way. It should provide protection to the document packed inside. 
So, if you are searching for best business envelope printing service for your company, make sure to check our offer at Hot Print. We are an envelope printing company that offers a diversity of print services as well. Business envelopes printed at our print store will be sent to you in the shortest time possible so that you can guide your business. We have a selection of high quality envelopes which will be able to represent your company in the best possible way, and we provide cheap envelope printing as well.  Our envelope printing machine can do wonders for your business. We are offering envelope printing in quantities of 250 to 10.000 pieces. We provide high quality service for our clients and can create anything you need for your business.


Hot Print´s online envelope printing FAQ´s

What is custom envelope printing? Printing envelopes is a complicated thing as it requires careful planning and quality control. There is lot of things that should be taken into consideration if you are involved into mass mailing. For example, the most errors that can occur in envelope printing are mistakes in recipient’s addresses. This can cost you a lot of money if you don’t make sure that the recipient’s addresses are correct as they will not reach their final destination. Another thing that you should decide is whether you will be using hand stamping or bulk postage. Sometimes, bulk postages can be done during the envelope printing process but in some cases this is not possible so you will have to hand stamp them or bulk stamp them yourself. Make sure to check these details with your print store. In the end, you need to plan carefully the design of the envelopes. There are many choices considering their color, size, etc. make sure that the design and the images represent well your campaign.

Can I print envelopes on my home printer? If you are not in a need of bulk envelopes and you want to save a few money on printing them, you can make them on your home printer as well. These are a perfect solution if you are making a birthday party and need just a couple of envelopes to be printed so that you can send your invitations. Here are some steps that are easy to follow in case that you seceded to make your envelopes at home. Choose the correct size of the envelopes and make sure that your printer can make them. Some printers can only handle envelopes of certain sizes. Word has some envelope printing templates that can help you in the entire process. In the end, makes sure that you have enough ink in your printer. Double check the formatting and the addresses and you are ready to print them.

What are custom announcement envelopes? The truth is that these envelopes are able to make positive impression on their receiver even before the envelope is opened and its content read. Custom announcement envelopes can showcase the type of announcement. These envelopes can be an excellent choice for business or personal correspondence with style. Here at Hot Print you can upload an image or business logo for a business announcement. This gives a professional impression of the envelope. Such envelopes can also catch the eye of the receivers and they can be also used to prevent the receiver from throwing them away even before they are read.

Do you make custom business envelopes? Yes, we make. Plain envelopes can be very boring especially if you are running a business that requires a little bit of promotion. Custom business envelopes can have front and back color printing and are made on a quality card stock. Here at Hot Print you can make custom business envelopes by adding custom text and logo designs.

What are the different sizes of envelopes? Envelopes are available I different sizes, from very small ones that are used for invitations to very big ones. For example, numbers 9 and 10 of envelopes are usually used for brochures, letterheads, flyers, postcards and other types of business correspondence. Envelopes with number 2 are used for postcards and invitations. Envelopes with sizes from 6 to 9 are used for larger sized cards. The right sized envelope can help create a positive business impression with your clients and business partners.

Which envelope sizes can be ordered at Hot Print? We offer two sizes of envelopes for now, which are 3.875 x 8.875 inches and 4.125 x 9.5 inches.

Can you send a design proof for my printed envelopes? Yes, we are able to send a free design proof with all orders. After you place an order on our web site, you will receive a design proof in the next 4 hours on your email.

How long it will take until I receive my printed envelopes? Our standard turnaround time is 4 to 6 business days.

How much is shipping? Shipping depends on different factors but is calculated based on the weight of your order. After your order is placed, the shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

Can you print an entire envelope in color? As we print on already made envelopes, we don’t have option for printing on color envelopes at this point.

Can you print the front and the back of the envelope? Yes, we can print on both of the sides of envelopes. The prints can be done in full color.

Do you have envelope samples? Yes, we have an option to send you free envelope samples. You will be charged only $0.01 for verification purposes. The shipping is free as well. You can place an order for your free envelope samples here.

What is the minimum number of envelopes that can be accepted per order, and what is the maximum number? The minimum quantity of envelopes per one order is 250, and the maximum number of envelopes that can be ordered at once is 10.000.

Which details should be considered when designing my business reply envelopes? Designing business reply envelopes is not an easy process, and what you have to consider is whether the design is able to reflect the image of the company, whether you should address the envelopes to specific addresses or just to certain business departments, what would be the response rate, and can the printing space be optimized.

What kind of colors can be used on my printed envelopes? We can print in a full CMYK printing

What other services you offer besides envelope printing? We can print anything that you could need for your business – business cards, letterheads, brochures, flyers, booklets, EDDM, copies, postcards, etc. For more details you can always contact us through our live chat.

How long does the glue on the envelope seal last? The glue normally lasts for at least two years if not even longer. If you store your envelopes in a dark cool place, the glue can last even longer when it is protected from direct sunlight.

Can my artwork be edited? That will depend on the type of artwork, but for a certain fee we can correct and edit your artwork for you.

Can you design an envelope for me? Yes, we offer design services as well, and this service will be charged $25.

Why your envelope printing prices are so reasonable? We print bulk works, and we can about our clients satisfaction

Can I return printed envelopes? We don’t accept returns of printed envelopes. We can accept only if we made some mistake during the printing process, but if a mistake occurred due to our clients misleading or misspelling, the entire work can be reprinted but will be fully charged.



What to Look Forward  in Envelope Printing at HotPrintsUSA

Looking for a good store online for your printing needs is like looking for the right word and thoughts to be written on elegantly designed paper. You wanted the best, the most cost effective, and the most meaningful message. If it is quality and affordability you have been looking for in an online printing service, try to visit HotPrintsUSA.com. Trusted by many company in the US and now gaining fame among online stores for producing high quality product and service in envelope printing, HotPrintsUSA.com has interesting features for their products and services.

Affordability without Compromising Quality

Affordability is what HotPrintsUSA.com promotes through the lower price guarantee scheme. How does it work? A customer may place an order online and save a screenshot copy of the page where the order is placed, bearing the “lower price” tag or logo and send it to an email address provided in the website. Customer can select designs, templates and order envelope printing at an original price, and HotPrintsUSA.com will calculate the difference of original price against the discounted price. Lower price guarantee works two ways: giving customer confidence in placing order for quality work and ensuring that placing an order is rewarding through their discount system.

Affordability will not compromise quality. HotPrintsUSA.com has an array of creative designs and styles found in their free online library where customers can download using the most innovative designing technology and printing tools. Envelope can be ordered in full color and in two high-quality paper stocks compatible with any ink jet or laser printers.  Sizes vary from A-6, A-7, No. 9 and N0.10 and can be ordered in two types of paper:  Standard lb 70 envelope and Premium 70 lb synergy bond. Envelope printing that matches letterhead, notepads and stationery of your choice can be ordered starting from 50 to 50,000 pieces of printed envelopes.

Quality of printing design is pre-approved by customers themselves through HotPrintsUSA.com proofing system.  Proofing is a process of running an artwork uploaded or selected by customer to check for its final details. A series of test which includes checking on proper resolution of image print, appropriate size, detection of missing characters or fonts, proper bleed size and many other spot check are done on envelope before sending it  to press.  Customers are assured of quality control prior to final printing.

Environment- Friendly Printing

HotPrintsUSA.com not only guarantees quality service in envelope printing, but also promote eco-friendly stance in all their products, where they use 50% recycled paper stocks, and consistent use of soy-based inks instead of petroleum-based ink in all their printed products. Saving money while saving the environment is what you get in patronizing this online store.

Time and Money Saver

Saving time and saving money is customer’s hope and expectation in purchasing products online, which can be excellently delivered and met by HotPrintsUSA.com. Turnaround time includes one day production for rush orders and punctual delivery for regular orders up to seven days to customer’s mailing address. More and more customers appreciate the exceptional service and prompt response at HotPrintsUSA.com staff to customer’s query, saving them energy, time and money.

Envelopes are as important as the letter that bears the message that you want to relay to your recipients. Choosing the right store for your envelope printing is as wise as choosing the right word to communicate your thoughts on print.


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