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Flyer Printing

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Maximum file size: 200 MB
Maximum file size: 200 MB

Product Description

- Club Flyers 2.75" x 4" Template

Download here: Clubflyer-2.75inx4-Round.zip


- Club Flyers 2.75" x 4" Template

Download here: Clubflyer-2.75inx4.zip


- Club Flyers 3.66" x 8" Template

Download here: Clubflyer-3.66inx8-Round.zip

Download here: Clubflyer-3.66inx8.zip




Flyer Printing

Flyers are one of the most effective direct marketing tools available nowadays, they are versatile and can be used for a wide range of promotional projects as event announcements, trade shows, promotions of products or services and more. The second type of layout for club flyers is the 2.75" x 4" layout. In this layout, This is very much like how you normally in setting up the layout of your flyer template, it is imperative that you keep a specific margin all throughout the page. This is to ensure that the design will not look cramped up.

Whether you want 250 or 100,000 flyersfor your business we offer the best prices and deals in the market.
Available sizes: 1/8 page, 1/4 page, 1/3 page, 1/2 page and full page

Flyers Improve the Appeal of Your Business


Have you ever considered the opportunity of using promotional flyers? These are unique modes of advertisement if marketed in the right way. While making a promotional flyer, make sure that the people are aware of the products and services that are being offered by your business. There are just too many businesses out there that will sell all of their brochures at a decent price so as to allow you to print them affordably. To create a good and pleasant design, you must have the choice of hiring a freelance graphic designer to design the brochure for you.


There are a lot of options that are available while making flyers and printing copies for distributing to people. Once your ads are out there in the streets and people have your brochures in their hands, they will know what look for. This mode of advertising has been popular for a long time and you need not worry about the regular modes of advertising such as magazine or video ads as these are efficient methods which work well. This is why you can learn more about a flyer. Consider the total amount of money which you might require spending for gaining good advertising techniques.


If this is an issue, make sure that you look for a suitable advertising company. You can easily look for an affordable company by taking out the time for conducting thorough and proper research. This will help you select a better deal. While the company might not offer flyers at ridiculously low rates, you will surely get a better discount. This will help you make good savings at the end of the day. To create a promotional flyer, the first thing to do is find a company which prints as many copies of the brochure as you require.


They should be able to do this within a brief period of time as well as find the best design that suits your business. For this, choose a good graphics designer. You might even design your own flyers if  you know how to proceed. Create a good design which attracts the attention of your clients. Once the design is finalized, decide on the overall look of your flyer printing or brochure printing. Then, all you need to do is set up your order and have the printing company print as many copies as you need for your business. Deciding the company you want to hire is something that should be carefully considered.


Since there are a lot of providers out there, you need to choose the flyers provider carefully. It would be unwise to waste your money on a company than looking for one which provides economical services. This is why you must be careful while doing your research. Look out for online providers as they provide discounts in their services. You must learn all about good advertising strategies with the help of brochures. There are ample benefits with this method of marketing and hence it should be one the right way.


Hot Print´s online flyer printing

Creating color flyers can be a simple and effective way for you to spread a message about your business. If you are announcing news about your business there are some guidelines you should follow to make your color flyers efficient. These steps should help you along the way.

A flyer that you create should e attractive enough to catch the attention of a potential customer right away. There are tons of options that you can use to hold the reader's attention. However, you should use a clear and simple message that can be understood well. Making attractive headlines can help a lot as well. For example, if announcing some sales, make sure that the headline is printed in big, bold letters. Choose a title that speaks exactly about what you're advertising.

Online flyer printing should answer the five basic questions - Who, What, Where, and Why. For example, when answering to the question who, you should include the name of the company, for the question what, you should explain what you are selling and what the same is about. Next, for the question where, you should include the address and the “why” will respond why you are making that sale – e.g. end of the season.

When creating a flyer, make sure to keep it simple. People should only lose a few seconds to look at your brochure, so it should be easy to be read. If you're using an image, keep it simple with one or two at most. If your flyer is too busy, people might get confused with the message you are trying to send them.

Leave several voids when creating a flyer. A quick look at the pamphlet indicates to most readers if they want to know more. If there is a lot to look at or a lot of text to read, most of the audiences will avoid the effort and walk forward. White, empty space is also pleasing to the eye and relaxing. So make sure that the text and figures you use are balanced with space.

Poster and flyer printing should include your name and contact information near the base. People remember what they read near the end of a flier more than what they found at the top. Call your potential clients to action. Call to action is the final part of the pamphlet. It speaks to your audience what you want them to do. This statement should be simple, but straightforward, using active verbs like 'join us',' sign here ',' buy these'... Be specific. The purpose of a flyer is to get your audience to do something.

Create flyers is fun when you keep these guidelines on mind and remember that being straightforward is the best step in any business. Flyer printing online is a fairly common way to present your company to the public, but unfortunately most of the flyers end up in the trash! The time and money invested in this medium disclosure can generate a return if it is poorly developed. How you should develop a successful and efficient flyer? Hot Print offers cheap flyer printing solutions about which we will be discussing shortly.

The quality of the flyer that you are disclosing represent the quality of your business, so choose a sophisticated paper, print photos, present in large letters, put the price, do a promotion, publish your website, your phone, address and so on.

Where you should distribute your flyers is quite simple. Look for fairs, festivals and meetings related to your type of business. On such places you will certainly find people interested in what you have to offer.

There are many flyer printing services, and Hot Print is one of them. Beside the cheapest flyer printing service that we offer, you can order different sizes of flyers such as 4.25 x 2.75 inch flyers that are called club flyers as well as 8.5 x 3.66 inch flyers. When printing a flyer, you can use its both sides or just a front side. Hot Print offer three different colour flyer printing options that are – full color flyer printing on the front and full color on the back, full color flyer printing on the front and grayscale on the back, and full color on the front and blank on the back.

The minimum number of flyers that can be ordered at Hot Print is 100 and the maximum number is 10.000. Remember that the more flyers you order, you will get a discount flyer printing price, in which case you can save a lot on the long run. You can even choose the style of your flyer; therefore you can opt for a square corner (standard) flyer, or a flyer with round corners.

When it comes to paper stock, Hot Print offers two different paper qualities that are 14pt gloss coated cover UV and 14pt premium uncoated cover.

We also offer very acceptable shipping costs, that are calculated during the checkout, and the turnaround times are 4 to 6 business days, which is a standard option, but you can as well opt for a 2 to 3 days express turnaround option that is more expensive. However, if you are in a need of rush work you can opt for a next day printing turnaround time as well.

Did you ever think about the amount of flyers falling into the hands of your potential customers? There are piles of them. And most of them go straight into the trash. Here are some tips on how to prevent that the same happens to you.

First of all, show how to face your merchandise or service can help the consumer. In some cases, it may be important to have a little history of the business to enhance the credibility of what you have to offer.

Treat the reader the most personal way possible. To achieve this, it is essential to adjust the vocabulary and content of the flyer profile of the target audience. Take into account characteristics such as age, schooling, social class and types of interests. Calling the reader "you" also collaborates with the feeling of closeness.

Avoid use photos of people, places or things unrelated to your business. Consider using photos of real customers accompanied by testimonials attesting to how they have benefited from your products or services. This message helps to gain credibility. Be sure to add the address in the brochure of your website.

Flyer printing services are not very expensive. This is also one of the most used marketing tools right because of its affordable price for most of the businesses. There are many flyer printing companies that offer very good deals, and one of them s Hot Print. A flyers printing service should be affordable, but most of all performed by a reliable company you can trust to and a company that is able to deliver high quality work.

Flyers printing are a very simple process that can be done in any print store. There are numerous options when creating an efficient promotional material, but the best thing is opting for color flyer printing which is the most efficient way to represent your company in the best possible way.

There are many different types of flyers that you can print. Some of them are promotional flyers with which your company is able to promote specific sales, announce events and similar. You can as well opt for business flyers that will represent your company in the best possible way and that will most certainly keep a contact between you and your existing clients. Or you can opt for club flyers & club flyer printing solutions that Hot Print has to offer. This is an excellent way for discotheques to promote their businesses as with custom night club flyer printing they are able to announce specific events. Night club flyers are another way of promoting a business in a very successful way.

Hot Print offers flyer printing cheap solutions that are affordable to most of the businesses. A cheap flyer print doesn´t mean that the product you will receive is of a bad quality. On the contrary, it means that we as a company are taking care of our clients and are valuing their money and time.

Hot Print also offers a free flyer printing solution for all those that want to check out the quality of our work. Even though we offer cheap flyer printing solutions we understand that our client want to make sure that the quality of the flyers that we deliver is satisfying for their needs. In that case, you are free to order your free club flyer printing here. This way, you will ensure that cheap flyer printing here at Hot Print is not only cheap but high quality as well. Flyer printing online is a very simple and efficient step in case that you know what you are looking for and what you are expecting from the flyer to do for your business.



Hot Print´s online flyer printing FAQ´s

What is custom flyer printing? Printing a flyer is not very different from printing other promotional material. However, before starting with the print process you should know what a flyer is. It is actually a single sheet document that can have prints on both sides. Flyers can be made in different sizes. Designing an attractive flyer is a very important thing ass this is what you will be using to communicate with your potential clients. Because of this, a flyer has to leave a positive impression on your customers. The best way to design a flyer is being simple – using short and simple text messages and images. Once you know the main differences between a flyer and other print material, you can have a more successful marketing experience towards promoting your business.

How can a flyer help my business? Flyers work very well for any type of business. Even when you are opening a bar, a dry cleaners service or similar, you can flyers to announce your business and to represent its qualities and potential offers that you might make in the future. The truth is that flyers are a very cost-effective way to boost a marketing campaign. There are a couple of simple steps that you need to follow in order to create a successful flyer marketing campaign. First of all, you need to set a budget. After this, you will be ready to choose your design theme. Make sure to include a colorful and lively message and full color advertisements are accepted the best by most of the audiences. The next step is writing your copy. Make sure it is short, straight and understandable. In the end, find a reliable print company that will be able to print your promotional material.

Can a flyer be attractive? Yes, flyers can be attractive and are at the same time one of the easiest printing jobs. It is very important to create a colorful and attractive flyer but not to get too crazy with fonts and graphics. It is important that you keep your flyer simple and to use graphics that add emphasis to what you are promoting. Avoid dark colors when creating a flyer.

After I place an order, after how much time I can expect its delivery? The standard turnaround time is 4 to 6 business days. For our clients that need their work to be done faster, we offer an express 2 to 3 business days timeframe. For any client in a need of rush work we have a next day printing solution as well.

How much are the delivery costs? The delivery costs depend on various factors; however they will be calculated after you place an order, on checkout.

Can I order a printing if I created my own flyer design? Yes, you can. We love to serve our clients that have their own ideas and that like to make custom flyers for their needs. You can upload your own design on our web site, but make sure that the file is not bigger than 200MB.

Do you have flyer templates? Yes, we have flyer templates. They are an excellent choice for our clients that don’t have experience in designing or for those ones that cannot afford a help of a professional designer. You will be able to choose among a variety of free flyer templates and to choose the one that represents your business in the best possible way.

What is a design proof? A design proof is a draft of your printing. If you want, we can send you a design proof on your email, and you can check out the eventual mistakes and do some corrections. After you approve the draft, the printing of the flyer can begin. Sending you a design proof is free of cost and you will receive it on your email. The sooner you check out the design proof, the sooner your work will be sent to print.

Why should I get a flyer? There are many reasons why you should make a flyer, but the most important one is to promote your business.After sending flyers to potential customers there is a big chance that your profit will increase resulting in selling more of your products and services. It is very important that you include your valid contact information on the flyer so that you could be contacted by your clients regarding your business. Making a nice looking flyer is a very good method of giving a good impression to your company.

How much does a flyer design cost? The price of a flyer and a flyer design will depend on various factors such as amount of the content, images, quality of the paper, etc. You can create your flyers yourself and sent to us to be printed, or you can use some of the available free templates for flyers that can be downloaded from our site. Next, you can opt for a personalized professional design which will cost you $55.

Which flyer sizes does Hot Print offer? We have two different sizes of flyer for our clients to choose from – 4.25 x 2.75 inches and 8.5 x 3.66 inches.

What are the minimum and the maximum number of flyer that I can order here at Hot Print? The minimum number of flyers required so that one order can be placed is 100. The maximum number of flyers that can be ordered at one time is 10.000.

Which flyer styles do you have? We have a standard square corner style and a rounded corner style.

Which paper stock do you offer when I want to place an order for flyer printing? We have two different qualities of paper stock – 14pt gloss coated cover UV and 14pt premium uncoated cover.

Do you print club flyers? Yes, we print club flyers and we have a variety of free templates from them, for sizes of 2.75 x 4 inches and 3.66 x 8 inches.

What will happen if a mistake occurs? If any kind of error occurred due to our fault, we will replace the printing free of charge. In case that the client signed the design approval after receiving a design proof by mail, any reprinting will be fully charged.

Why I should consider Hot Print for my next flyer print order? Hot Print offers a professional service, high quality work, competitive prices and fast turnaround. If you need any advice, you can contact us free of charge.

What is digital printing in the flyer printing terminology? This is a modern process of printing that involves use of digital technology. The printing machines are connected to computers and this is why this way of printing doesn’t have any errors. At the same time, digital printing provides sharp and fast flyer prints.

What is offset printing in the flyer printing terminology? This is a traditional process of printing. It provides good quality prints, including flyers.

What is color printing in the flyer printing terminology? Color printing stands for using color inks on a printing media. If you are using this method when printing flyers, you will most likely get flyers with great colors that will attract your potential clients.

What is wholesale printing in the flyer printing terminology? Wholesale printing allows you to print large quantities of flyers at the same time.

What is short run printing in the flyer printing terminology? Using this process, you will be able to print small quantities of flyers.

What payment options do you accept? At Hot Prints you can pay with PayPal or using some of the following credit cards – Master Card, Visa, Amex and Discovery.











Online Flyer Printing 101

Businesses are in constant search for flyer printing companies that can help them reach their target audiences. Flyers can easily be distributed in different locations, ensuring businesses of getting known by a significant number of consumers. Nowadays, owners of businesses can avail of printing services on the Internet at relatively low prices.

 Flyers are commonly used by businesses to market their brand names and the products and services that they offer. They are usually being handed out by employees to potential customers during company events and trade shows. Flyers may also be sent to prospects through direct mail. These days, owners of companies can order flyers online, thus experiencing convenience all throughout the process.

Businessmen would never regret ordering flyers online. Flyer printing websites assure their clients of getting high-quality flyers that can leave a good impression on people. They print images and text on strong, glossy paper that will not get easily ruined, even if the bulk gets transported to many locations. Also, business owners do not have to worry about the print getting smudged, because the print is coated with a water-resistant substance. More importantly, most online flyer printing companies promote the preservation of the planet by using eco-friendly paper and inks.

Online printing companies also create flyers digitally. In contrast to traditionally-made designs, digital designs are way better, because the details are more enhanced, thus making text and pictures on paper appear brighter. Each printing website presents its customers with a set of templates, so that the latter can easily create and design their own flyers. Customers would not find it difficult to make one, because websites provide some guidelines on their templates to help people create their flyers properly.

Flyers also come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. Customers can choose from the following: 8.5”x11”, 5.5”x8.5”, 4”x6”, and 3”x3”. These are the most common flyer sizes offered by online printing companies and the small sizes are usually for club card flyers. Several styles are also being offered online and people can choose to order flyers with a half fold, tri-fold, Z-fold, parallel fold, double-gate fold, or no fold at all; it depends on the advertising needs of a business. Many people are drawn to flyers with more folds, because information is organized into several pages. Finally, online printing companies allow customers to choose between black & white and colored flyers. The black & white flyers cost less.

Businessmen can also avail of direct mail services offered by flyer printing websites. They would not have to worry about distributing the advertising materials to target audiences, as the online printing companies can do it for them. This would make businesses save money, because they would not have to hire people to hand the flyers out to consumers.

Flyers are certainly great ways for businesses to catch the attention of would-be clients and flyer printing companies help them create impressive advertising materials. With the help of printing websites, you can be sure to get flyers that are of high-quality and with styles and designs that would make them worth reading.

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