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Vinyl Banners (Full Color)

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Maximum file size: 200 MB

Product Description

*Minimun order of $15 on banners required!






Grommets (FREE) - provide a convenient method for hanging or attaching the banner at regular points. This distributes the weight and helps to keep the banner from sagging.



Hems (FREE) - Hemmed edges are typically used to reinforce the sides of the vinyl banners, helping maintain the banner's shape and prevent stretching. This is particularly helpful when grommets are used.



Pole Pockets (FREE)- Pole Pockets allow for rigid poles or dowels to be inserted along the edges of the banner. This allows for a more even distribution of the banner's weight to prevent sagging. Opposing pole pockets can also be used to make the banners more rigid.



Wind Slits (FREE) - If you choose this option, we will cut small half-circles into your banner to cut down on wind resistance. This feature is perfect for outdoor banners, as it helps to prevent twisting and flapping in the wind.




*Double sided banners cost double.


*Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. Discounts automatically apply to the order.

  • Buy 2 - 10 and get 2% off
  • Buy 11 - 20 and get 4% off
  • Buy 21 - 50 and get 6% off
  • Over 51 please contact us at info@hotprintusa.com


Signs and marketing comes together on the most flexible and reliable product available, the Vinyl Banner has a victory over any other type of big marketing signage, because of its low cost, flexibility, durability and color rich factors.

After a decade of experience, Hot Prints USA prides of a 3 years exterior color and vinyl guarantee and eternal live for interior use. With the right installation, these banners are meant to survive strong winds and storms.

We are now offering double sided vinyl banners for double the impact! For additional protection, all of our banners are offered with a series of hems, grommets, wind slits, pole pockets, all free of charge!



Let us design your banner or upload/send files to info@hotprintusa.com. What you submit is what you get (so check your spelling!) If we design a banner for you, we'll get your final approval before we go to print.


Your order will be shipped via UPS within 24-hours of the time you approve your proof (except Holidays and Weekends). We need a U.S. Street address.


We guarantee that your order will be printed as shown on your final proof. Our banners are made of high-quality, durable materials that can last for years when installed, rolled and/or stored properly.


Orders usually ship on the next business day after we receive your proof approval. Production time is approximate. If you have a tight deadline, please let us know in the special instructions area of the order form. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.




Types of Vinyl Banners – How to Choose

There are currently numerous types of vinyl banners out in the market today. This isn’t really surprising since this marketing tool is starting to become incredibly useful in attracting clients without burning off too much cash. Note however that since there are several types available, buyers would need to make sure that they are getting the exact kind needed for their business. That being said, following are some tips on how to choose vinyl banners for marketing purposes.

How big should it be?

The good news is that vinyl banners can be as large as clients want them to be. Since printing companies typically use large machines for the job, it shouldn’t be hard for clients to order a long length of banner to fit a building. Make sure to decide exactly where the banner will be placed beforehand to arrive at a fairly accurate size for the banner.

What ink type should be used?

If the banner would be used indoors, instruct the printing service to use non-waterproof ink for the job. This is usually cheaper, allowing individuals to save a few dollars in the process. For those who would be using the banner outdoors however, the ink needs to be tougher if it’s going to last through harsh weather.

Glossy or non-glossy?

For those who want their banners to be extra eye-catching, vinyl can be designed to have that glossy finish. This is actually great since the gloss ensures that it would take longer for the ink to fade. At the same time, the layer makes it easy to clean the surface of the banner. Simply wipe with a cloth and the surface would look good a new.

What would be printed on the surface?

Now this is the most important part of buying vinyl banners. The print on the surface must be legible enough to be seen at a fair distance while at the same time leaving an impression. This can be done by introducing the company’s logo and colors in the banner, essentially promoting the brand. Proper wording should also be followed, written in such a way that readers would become interested with checking out the business.

How much and when is the delivery?

The normal turnaround time for banners is 24 hours. This means that in as little as 48 hours, clients could already have their ordered banners in the office ready for installation. The cost of banner themselves are separate from the transportation cost which would be shouldered by the buyer. Keep in mind that the cost may vary depending on the location of the buyer.

Other Uses for Vinyl banners

Sometimes, banners are ordered not for marketing purposes but as a way to publicly greet or welcome individuals. A good example of this would be banners for birthdays and weddings. The banner could be placed along the wall during a party, effectively adding a bit of festivity to the occasion. By choosing the right elements for the banner, clients would be able to achieve the exact results they want.


Myriad Benefits of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners have different uses. They are also created with different materials for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. The weight of the banner refers to the power of the nylon reinforcement as well as PVC thickness. If the material of the vinyl banner is heavier, it will be stronger. Heavier banners contain a block out layer which allows the banner to be printed on either side. The banners are also available as perorated material which are known as mesh banners. It permits wind load slippage once there is a storm and are therefore favorites for outdoor events. Mesh banners are ideal for parking garages as well.

Benefits of Vinyl Banners

The banners are perfect for advertising your business before your target audiences. Although there are different kinds of media for propagating your marketing message, this age old marketing medium offers many benefits. These include:

Targeted Approach: Whether the banner is placed outside your office, at a sponsored event, or a trade show, you can always ensure that those who are viewing your banners are your prospective customers. Make sure that you are not wasting your resources or time in reaching out to your customers who may not be interested in your products or your service area. There are different promotional medium which can reach out to your target clients. However, nothing perhaps matches the appeal of a vinyl banner which reaches out to audiences just the way a business anticipates.

Reusable: Business houses and companies which are engaged in sponsoring various kinds of events or setting up trade show booths can benefit amply from vinyl banners. Being lightweight and mobile, the banner is reusable and creates great mileage for any business. Once the exhibition or trade show comes to an end, the representatives of the company can take them down and store them for using in any other exhibition or trade show.

Effective Advertising Strategy: If the vinyl banners are created well, you can attract the attention of the target audiences. With the signs and banners becoming an important part of our lives, we cannot ignore them. The banners that have been created perfectly help in inducing people to read more and get the marketing message. With the help of interesting graphics, attractive phrases and content, businesses can instantly attract the interests of their clients. This makes the vinyl banner a cost effective means of promotion.

Repetitive: TV ads tend to have a short-lived effect in the minds of customers. You need to pay more to get the ad aired constantly, but then with the vinyl banners, your ad can be seen in a high traffic area thus attracting the attention of your audiences and prospective customers. As they pass the banner they will tend to notice it. It will additionally influence your target customers and make your products and brand name popular.

Cheap: Printing the banners is inexpensive. The production expenses of your TV and radio ads can restrict small businesses, but not so for the PVC banners.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


Q: Do you print full colour vinyl banners? Yes, we do take orders for full coloured vinyl banners. You can go through our website and get an idea about the kind of vinyl banners that we generally print.


Q: What is the maximum width of the vinyl banners that you print? The size ranges from one to twelve feet. However, if you want something bigger than that then please call us for placing your custom order.


Q: How much is the height generally offered for vinyl banner printing? The height of the banners can be from one to hundred feet. If you want to place any custom order you need to call us for more information regarding these kinds of vinyl banners.


Q: Do you offer printing on both the sides of the banner? Yes, we offer printing on both the sides if the customer wants us to do that. Printing is also done for one side as per the requirements of the clients.


Q: What kind of vinyl stock do you generally use for printing? We mostly use 13oz Vinyl banner for printing. It is the best quality material available now.


Q: For full colour vinyl banner printing do you offer any design options? Yes, we offer design options but the customers need to pay an extra charge of $99 for availing the facility.


Q: Can I get a design proof if I need it? Yes, you can obviously get the design proof. We will send it to you through email within four hours.


Q: Will you be able to provide me a design for the vinyl banners fully coloured? We can design the banner for you if you need. You need to send us the details at info@hotprintusa.com. You will get back whatever material you have submitted. So it is always better to check your spellings. We will also make sure to get your final approval if we design the banner for you.


Q: How can I send my vinyl banner printing details to you? You can directly upload the material on our website or mail us the details.


Q: Is there any limit to the maximum file size? Yes the file should not be more than 200 MB.


Q: Do you provide any free service for the banner printing? Yes, we do offer some free services like grommets, hems, wind slits and pole pockets.


Q: How much can I order at a time? We can print up to 30 vinyl banners for a customer.


Q: What is the advantage of placing a bulk order? You can save a whole lot of money by placing a bulk order.


Q: What is the minimum order value for vinyl banner printing? You need to place a minimum order of $15 for us to start working on them.


Q: Is the price charged for double sided banners more than the normal ones? Yes, double price is charged for double sided banners.


Q: Do you offer any bulk discount rates for each individual item? Yes, we offer some discount rates on vinyl banner full colour printing like

  • If you buy 2-10 you will get 2% off
  • If you buy 11-20 you will get 4% off
  • If you buy 21-50 you will get 6% off
  • Please contact us at info@hotprintusa.com if you want to place an order for more than 51 banners.


Q: How much time is required for the delivery? Your order will be shipped within 24 hours time via UPS. Orders are only accepted within the United States of America.


Q: Do you provide any guarantee for the banners you print? Yes we always make sure that things are printed as shown on the final proof. We can guarantee you high quality banners made of durable materials.


Q: What is the total turnaround time? We generally ship products on the next day after we receive your final approval. If you have a tight deadline please inform us before so that we can do our best to meet your requirements.


Q: Can we order a vinyl banner printing along with a stand? Yes, you can order a vinyl banner printing along with a stand as per your requirement.


Q: What are the main products offered for vinyl banners and stands? We have two product options 24”x63” stand + banner and 48”x78” stand +banner.


Q: Do we need to pay an extra charge for designs? Yes, customers are required to pay an extra charge of $99 for getting the design options.


Q: Is it essential for one to demand for the design proof? No it is not necessary. If you don’t want a design proof it is fine but in case you need we can send you the design through email within 4 hours time.


Q: What is the quantity limit? You can order up to 30 vinyl banners + stand as per your requirement.


Q: What is the importance of X Banner stand 24”x63"? It is often considered to be a cheaper way of displaying your vinyl banners. It is made up of aluminium and fibreglass. These banner stands are durable as well as lightweight. It can hold graphics measuring 24”x63” and is mainly used for trade shows, conference rooms and exhibits. These cheap vinyl banners are quite effective for marketing purposes and the money required is also quite affordable.


Q: Is there a gift available with this vinyl banner stand? Yes, you can get a portable travelling bag free with this banner stand.


Q: What is the importance of X Banner stand 48”x 78”? These banner stands are quite inexpensive and perfect for use in trade shows, conference rooms and exhibits. The lightweight banner stand is mainly made out of fibreglass and aluminium. It can hold banners measuring 48”x72”. You can also get a free portable travelling bag along with this purchase.


Q: Do you accept orders from outside the US? No, currently we only accept orders from customers staying within the United States of America.


Q:What are the main reasons behind the popularity of full colour vinyl banners? The popularity of full colour vinyl banners is because of many reasons like the colour, flexibility, cost and durability.


Q: Can these banners survive extreme weather conditions? Yes, these banners if installed appropriately can survive strong winds and storms.


Q: Do you provide anything for additional protection? Yes we offer additional protection for all our products. All our banners have a series of hems, wind slits, grommets and pole pockets. All these are provided free of charge.


Q: What is the speciality of Hot Print USA? Hot Print is a trusted name in the market and we are best known for offering high quality printing services for the people to avail. The services are offered keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the valued customers.


Q: Where is the main branch of Hot Print USA situated? Our main office is situated in 5042 Wilshire Blvd #22954,Los Angeles, CA 90036.


Q: Do you provide any option for expedited shipping? Yes we always take care of the various requirements of the clients. You can contact us any time for collecting more information.


Q: Can we create an account with the company? Yes, you can obviously create an account with us. You need to visit our website and complete the procedure there by filling up the online form. It is an easy process and takes very less time.


Q: What are the advantages of creating an account with your company? You will get many benefits if you open an account with us. You will be able to access your order history, keep a track on your new orders, check out faster, save things to your wish list and also save multiple shipping addresses.


Q: Which currency is accepted for the payments? All the transactions are done in USD. We offer services mainly to people residing within the US.


Q: What should we do in case we need to get some more information online? In case you need some extra information you can always send us a mail addressing your queries. We will look into the matter and let you know the solutions within a short time. If you face any problem always feel free to contact us. We understand the requirements of the clients and try to fulfil all the demands.


Q: In case of time sensitive orders what should we do? If you want to make time sensitive orders you need to call us in our number (866) 801-1551. You can call us any time between 9am to 9pm during all the weekdays.


Q: How can we check the status of our orders? Yes, there is a way by which you can always check the status of your orders. You need to create an account with the company and sign in to your account to get more updates. It is always considered a useful option for the users who want to stay updated about the status of their orders.


Q: Where can we get information regarding the price structure? There is an option in our official website from where you can get an idea about the price structure. In certain cases, you can also send us a mail or call us to collect more information.


Q: Which are the top products offered by the Hot Print USA? We offer a wide variety of products for the people. However, brochure printing, flyer printing and postcard printing are some of our main products.


Q:Do we need to pay for the shipping charges? Yes, customers need to pay for the shipping charges. The shipping charge includes packing and handling fees as well as the postage costs.


Q: Will the company be liable for any mistakes found on the vinyl banner after printing? No the company will not be responsible for any errors in the final products. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while sending the files and check them properly to avoid any kind of mistake in the final print.


Q: What is going to happen if a customer fails to pick up the product from the HotPrintUSA’s facility? If you fail to pick up the product from the HotPrintUSA’s facility within the given time limit then it will be taken as discarded. The company will not be held responsible for the products that have been discarded


Q: Is it necessary for the customers to pay an additional amount for the second proof? The first proof offered to customers is absolutely free and is generally included in the total amount already charged for printing. However, if any changes are done after the first proof is already sent for printing you need to pay an extra charge for the replaced files.


Q:What are the basic rules that should be followed when submitting artwork or graphics? Customers need to submit all their designs and images in CMYK format. The company cannot be held responsible for any colour change if it occurs during the time of conversions from RGB to CMYK colour modes.


.Q: How does Hot Print USA generally ship their products? The products offered by the company are mainly shipped with the help of UPS. If you want the product to be delivered by UPS Extra then you are expected to pay the additional charge. It is always better to get in touch with the company for collecting more details. We will also provide you a link so that you can keep a track on your products.


Q: Is there any lucrative option available for the resellers and brokers? There are several discounts and offers available for the resellers/brokers who bring their customers to us. As a broker if you send 0-5 orders every week, then you will get 5% off on the regular price list. Brokers who generally provide 5-20 orders get a discount of 10%. A discount of 15% is offered for brokers sending 20-40 orders per week. If you want to avail the resellers/brokers discount you will have to provide your business name, a xerox of your business licence and also tax ID number. You are expected to send all the details to our office address. You can also mail us at info@hotprintusa.com.


Q: How to choose the perfect vinyl banner for official purposes? Numerous kinds of vinyl banners are available today so you need to be very careful while choosing the one that fits your company requirements. The cheap vinyl banners are of great help for budget-conscious people.


Q: A vinyl banner should be how big in size? There is no size limit and the banners can be as large as a customer wants it to be printed. Large machines are generally employed by most of the companies, so it won’t be difficult for the customer to get the desired size. It is always advised to decide the place where the banner will be put first so that you can order for the banner of that exact size.


Q: What kind of ink is generally used for printing banners? Different kinds of inks are mainly used for the printing purposes. If your banner is for indoor use then non-waterproof ink can be used to complete the job. These banners are cheaper and can help an individual save some amount of money. Ink needs to be tougher for banners that will be used for outdoor advertisement. It should last the harsh weather.


Q: Which one will be better glossy or non-glossy? A vinyl banner can be given a glossy finish if you want to make it extremely impressive and eye-catching. The gloss is also preferred by people as it helps the ink to stay for a longer period of time. It becomes also easy to clean the surface of the banner. You just need a cloth to wipe it and it would look like a new piece of banner.


Q: What is generally printed on the vinyl banner? This is an important question as the banners are meant for advertising and promoting purposes. The print should be quite impressive and at the same time should be visible from a fair distance. You can obviously consider ways that can improve the look of your banner. You can add the logo of the company and colours to make your product look good. There is no need to use long sentences or phrases. Always try to select the words carefully. Try to write them in a way so that it can instantly draw the attention of the reader and compel them to take interest in your business and products offered.


Q: Can the cost of printing banners vary depending on the location? Yes, the cost of printing vinyl banners can vary depending on the location. The design and style of the banner can also make it a little more expensive than the regular ones.


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